Thursday, June 2, 2011

A New Scandal Exposing The American Zerocracy in Iraq

The American backed corrupt Iraqi government forces arrest activists protesting in Tahrir Square in Baghdad , men and women . This picture illustrates the great American "Succes" in Iraq . These four young men represent the category of people targeted by the tyrannical government . Iraqi youth are suffering from countless arrests made in Iraq over the past 8 years in an attempt to defeat the will of Iraq's new generation. These four young people were accused of inciting violence, while they are protesting peacefully against the extension of the American occupation of Iraq which supports the corrupt Iraqi government . The corrupt Iraqi government accuses the protestors all over Iraq of being " Baathists" i.e members of the former ruling party in Iraq. So do these detainees who are teenagers or in their early twenties look like "Baathists" to you? They were just children or in their teens in 2003 when the previous regime was toppled by the American intervention .
Mustn't we stop and Think before believing such outrageous US/Iraqi goverment media manipulations ????


  1. الحمد لله تم الافراج عن الشباب قبل قليل

  2. نحمد الله ونشكره, لن نسكت حتى يتم الافراج عن جميع الابرياء .... نشكرك جزيل الشكر لمتابعتنا ...