Sunday, June 19, 2011

Corporatocracy Tyrants Play The Game of Globalization

Globalization = Neo Colonialism
                   = World Bank & IMF put rich countries in Debts !
                       Impose Structural Adjustmen Policies  :
                         e.g - Currency Devaluation
                               - Cut Social Programs i.e education &
                                                                      health care
                                - Privatization of State Owend Enterprises
                                 - Trade Liberization without any  restrictions
                                    which undercuts local economy
                                   Increase Poverty & Wealth Gap

Through WARS ; the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.
Let's all stand against WAR .

America , Pull Your Troops Out of Iraq

What is World Bank ?
Check out this video

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  1. It's such an ugly world... materialistic. Everyone chasing after money. And after they die and go to their graves, what will that money do for them? no one knows. Will the money save them from dying? Or save them from being eaten by worms? I don't get it. Materialistic scum bags ruling Earth