Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Organized Mass Murder in Iraq

As the promised date of withdrawal of the American troops out of Iraq approaches , we see a multitude of organized explosions and car bombs go off in the different Iraqi cities .

Monday 15/08/2011 was the deadliest day of this year when  a devastating string of 42 attacks tore Iraq from north to south killing at least 92 people and injuring more that 312 people .
The attacks varied between car bombs, road side bombs and shooting attacks which affected Iraqis whether they are Muslim ( Sunnis and Shiats) or Christians . 
The attacks hit nearly 13 cities in 10 provinces, and the casualties were as follows :
- Baghdad Province : 4 explosions killed 3 people and injured 34 others.
- Diyala Province / Baquba : Several explosions and attacks killed 13 people and injured 17 others.
- Salahiddin Province / Tikrit :  Explosions killed 4 people and injured 15 others .
- Babylon Province / Hilla : Several explosions killed 4 people and injured 8 others .
- Holy Najaf : Double bombing killed 11 people and injured 55 others .
- Holy Karbala : Explosions killed 8 people and injured more than 42 others .
- Nineva / Mosul : Several explosion killed 4 people and injured several others ( no accurate number provided)
- Anbar : 2 explosions killed 3 people and injured 2 others .
- Kirkuk : Several explosions killed 1 citizen and injured 12 others . In addition to bombing an Orthodox Church in Kirkuk yesterday.
- Wasit / Kut : This was the deadliest attack where a double bombing killed 37 people and injured 71 others .
Some of the victims were from the security forces but the majority were innocent civilians.

While the attacks affected Iraqis of all sects and walks of life: Sunni, Shiat or a Christian, we find the American propaganda trying to imply a sectarian hue to these attacks . This was very obvious from the reports of the American media which were trying to first of all imply sectarianism and civil strife and specifically bring us back to the sectarian killing by foreign death squads in 2006.Secondly the media was trying to convince the American and the western world that Iraq's lack of security necessitates the extension of the American occupation troops presence in Iraq contrary to previous agreements.
And this is an example of how the American propaganda works:
" It suggested that radical Sunni insurgents, led by Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, may have regained the capacity for the kind of violence that plagued Iraq at the height of the sectarian war in 2006 and 2007"/ “The insurgents are able to attack anywhere and everywhere and no one can really stop them,” Mr. Taha said, adding that the United States has achieved little in trying to improve Iraq’s own intelligence operation." / Mr. Fhadil said that one of the biggest problems with the Iraqi security forces was that they were more loyal to armed groups like Al Qaeda and Shiite militias than to the Iraqi government. “This army is not able to take control by itself,” he said. “It’s hard to talk about the existence of an Iraqi Army and a Ministry of Interior without them being loyal to Iraq.”  NewYorkTimes
An intriguing paragraph in CNN report : "While violence in Iraq has fallen off in recent years, there has been an increase in attacks targeting civilians and U.S. and Iraqi security forces in recent months.Stuart Bowen, the U.S. official in charge of overseeing reconstruction in Iraq, said the country was more dangerous last month than it was the year before, according to an agency report to Congress in July."
Well Why is That ????
All Iraqi citizens (Muslims: Sunnis & Shiats,Christians, Arabs & Kurds) realize that such organized explosions are deliberate,done to proove the lack of security in Iraq and to justify the extension of the American presence in Iraq as the date of the promised withdrawal approaches .
Iraqis are now only too familiar with the dirty American occupation games and have been suffering from such games by paying the high price with their blood and the lives of their loved ones, we are waiting for the American people and the international community to Wake Up and stand with us against the greedy, criminal and the inhumane American war machine. 

Iraq never had Al-Qaeda until the US occupied the country, the US occupation sends and supports the mercenaries in Iraq whether they are Al-Qaeda or Iraqi militia members in order to attack Iraqi civilians and military personnel . What a better way than to generate and orchestrate false flag terror attacks to keep the American forces inside Iraq ??
A must watch interview with the investigative journalist Wayne Madsen in the US .
One thing that I disagree with him about is that there's a huge difference between Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Taliban are the Afghan resistance movement while Al-Qaeda are the US puppet created by the CIA whose actions miraculously legitimize whatever political agenda the US government has.
So to be accurate, the arrested insurgents were more likely Al-Qaeda members .

Do we have to keep paying with our blood to facilitate the extension of the American occupation of Iraq just for them to continue to plunder our oil and other fortunes?

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