Thursday, June 30, 2011

The US - IRAN Alliance vs. IRAQ

It is amazing how the US military officials in Iraq all of a sudden admit Iran's interventions in Iraq . Well , we should not wonder as the US government is doing its best to justify the extension of the American occupation of Iraq. Since the time of the promised withdrawal of US troops from Iraq has come , the American officials find that they have to come up with a bunch of reasons to deny the withdrawal proposed in the last American elections !

In June 11, 2011 , Major General Jeffery Buchanan in Baghdad was made available to Reuters by the Pentagon . He declared that " Iran is training & supporting the violent proxies" . Then the Defence Secretary Robert Gates publically suggested that " Iran was a second reason to keep US forces in Iraq " .

Well , who are they kidding ? I mean , seriously ??

Iran's government interventions in Iraq started from day 1 after the American occupation of Iraq in 2003 ! We don't need a Major General or a Secretary of Defence to point that out after 8 years of continuous Iranian interventions in Iraq .

Iran's officials and militias have continuously fed the Sectarianism, the killings and assasinations of Iraqi people with the help of the corrupt, traitor Iraqi government officials who are ,as everybody knows , dear friends and allies of Iran's government !

All of this happened under the very noses of the American officials, and may I add, with their very approval and full support !

 And why is that ? Because the American occupation cannot stay in Iraq unless there's instabilitiy , killings , implanted sectarianism and violence. The occupation cannot stay in Iraq unless the Iraqi people are terrorised , so the occupation supports all kinds of terror against the Iraqi people regardless of the source of this violence.

At last , I would like to emphasize that , the Iraqi people will always stay united, they are fully aware of the "Divide & Conquer" colonial strategy and they refuse the sectariaism that their allied enemies tirelessly try to implant .

The Iraqi people are fully conscious of this " Treacherous Alliance"
The Iraqi people are united against the extension of  the much hated American occupation of Iraq .

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Wikileaks exposes FRAGO 242, an order that no investigation of torture of Iraqi detainees would be performed except under extraordinary circumstances requiring high level initiation. Ignoring torture is a Standard Operating Procedure in Iraq , this is a specific order coming from a high level of the U.S militaries which means that they know that these violations are comitted against Iraqi civilians , and when these violations are comitted they turn a blind eye.

Note : This policy has been witnessed by Peter Maass, a journalist who was working for the New York Times when he was  given a unique and rare access to the elite Ministry of Interiors special commandos .

Sunday, June 19, 2011

American Lies : Terrorism , Afghan War

There is no America , there is no Democracy , there is no Terrorism !
There are Corporatocracy Tyrants and International Bankers !
The True Terrorists of our world wear 5000$ suits, and work in the highest positions of finance, government and buisness .

The truth behind Afghanistan war , the war of OPIUM .

You can find it all in this video :

 Let's stand against the Real Tyrants, against WAR .
Americans , stop the Injustice !

Corporatocracy Tyrants Play The Game of Globalization

Globalization = Neo Colonialism
                   = World Bank & IMF put rich countries in Debts !
                       Impose Structural Adjustmen Policies  :
                         e.g - Currency Devaluation
                               - Cut Social Programs i.e education &
                                                                      health care
                                - Privatization of State Owend Enterprises
                                 - Trade Liberization without any  restrictions
                                    which undercuts local economy
                                   Increase Poverty & Wealth Gap

Through WARS ; the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.
Let's all stand against WAR .

America , Pull Your Troops Out of Iraq

What is World Bank ?
Check out this video

The Secret Behind The Iraq War !

We all must be aware of what's really happening . We all must stand against the new tyrants of this era . We all must spread awareness against all the injustice that is happening .

We must start working against this current , we must refuse to be controlled and manipulated with the smoked media.

We should all wake up; snap out of this trans and brain wash imposed on us by Gurus of the US policy .

Lets stand together against WAR .

Here's a video explains what really happened in Iraq .

Confessions of An Economic Hitman

A very important video for my fellow citizens of the Globe; important confessions for humanity to know .

We all must do something about this injustice.

Let us all together stand against WAR .

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The American Tanks of "Democracy"

Have a glimpse at the democratic acts of the American troops in Iraq , where you can see the absolute contempt and violations practiced against the Iraqi civilians !
This is the kind of " Democracy" that was brought aboard these tanks !

Human Rights Scandal in Iraq

We congratulate patriotic Iraqis on the release of the four courageous young activists : Ali Al-Jaf, Muayad Al-Tayeb, Jihad Jaleel and Ahmed Al-Baghdadi ; the release was last week in June 7th, 2011. Thus, the release of the brave young men was not by the good intentions of the corrupt Iraqi government , it was because of the big scandal created by the Iraqi human rights activist " Hanaa Edwar" in the Human Rights Ministry conference in Baghdad . As she was provoked by the statements of the Special UN Envoy  in Iraq, Ed Melkert, who stated that Iraq has become the number ONE country in the region in the field of Human Rights, and that the Iraqi government has operated  with 133 human rights recommendations !!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Iraqi Security Forces OR Assasin Gangs ??

Here's a new scandal for you my friends . A scandal of the American backed Iraqi Government forces, specially trained by the US army !!
The video shows the Iraqi SWAT forces which are directly linked to the Bureau of Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki . This video was filmed in Baghdad at Mansoor/Al-Ruwad area check-point . The video shows that SWAT members are armed with M4 Rifles-Silencers attached !!!

So what are these forces doing with Silencers on their weapons in the streets on Baghdad ?
The Iraqi government declared after this has been revealed that the Silencers were made in Iraq and were not imported ! What a consolation !

We must ask ourselves :

Do goverment forces need such equipment ?
Who is behind the daily organized assasinations of highly qualified people with Silencers ??
The simple answer is: Designated people with official IDs and Silencers !

A small reminder : This is happening with the full awareness of American government, or shall I say under their sponsership ? ? ?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

About Iraq - The Beautiful Baghdad

These are some pictures of beautiful Baghdad prior to the American occupation . We had a beautiful civilized country before all the destruction that was brought on by the barbarian American war machine !
We want US troops out of Iraq A.S.A.P so that we can start rebuilding our country .. 

A Snapshot of The Zero American Democracy in Iraq

The next video might shock many of you ; however, it has come to be an ordinary scene in Iraq which Iraqis have to accept even when it happens to their own children !
There are not enough words to describe the brutality against innocent children as depicted in the next video ; do the sadistic laughter and comments of weird satisfaction by the psychotic coalition military reflect the satisfaction of the US government ??

One question for the American people ,  do you still think we should be thankful for your " Democracy " ??