Sunday, June 12, 2011

Iraqi Security Forces OR Assasin Gangs ??

Here's a new scandal for you my friends . A scandal of the American backed Iraqi Government forces, specially trained by the US army !!
The video shows the Iraqi SWAT forces which are directly linked to the Bureau of Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki . This video was filmed in Baghdad at Mansoor/Al-Ruwad area check-point . The video shows that SWAT members are armed with M4 Rifles-Silencers attached !!!

So what are these forces doing with Silencers on their weapons in the streets on Baghdad ?
The Iraqi government declared after this has been revealed that the Silencers were made in Iraq and were not imported ! What a consolation !

We must ask ourselves :

Do goverment forces need such equipment ?
Who is behind the daily organized assasinations of highly qualified people with Silencers ??
The simple answer is: Designated people with official IDs and Silencers !

A small reminder : This is happening with the full awareness of American government, or shall I say under their sponsership ? ? ?

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