Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy America

Dedicated to the 99% of America
Your politicians are spending your tax money to kill, abuse and loot us !
They are wasting Trillions of your money to wage wars against countries rich with resources, just to make the 1 % of neocons and free masons richer , while you go poorer and poorer with no proper education, health care or shelter !
It is in your hands ,
Say NO to WAR
Force your government to withdraw your troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan and all countries your politicians are messing with under FALSE allegations 
Disavow your politicians shameful actions
STOP the WAR on us
STOP the drainage of your budget over WARS !

Let's stand together hand in hand against the 1 %  

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  1. End imperial wars! Improve standard of living of your own under class!