Friday, August 19, 2011

We Are Ruled By Criminals !

And the horrible crimes of the criminal Iraqi government against Iraqi people continue.
Warning : Graphic video and pictures are attached

The Great Iraqi Revolution Facebook pages (English,Arabic) received footage of two martyrs who were abused and tortured to death by the forces of the criminal government of the "New Iraq" !
The martyrs were arrested from their houses in Mosul, north of Iraq, by Colonel Khaled Jaro, a member of the Second Brigade that is led by Nasser Ahmad Al-Ghannam who is well known in Mosul for his crimes against the citizens of the Province.

The army accused the victims of many charges as murdering the Sharqiya news crew and targeting Mosul University Chancellor for assassination .
They were forced to confess guilt on TV in 22/07/2011, this is how the "Wolf" Brigade have always ill-treated Mosul citizens and usurped their rights . A source in the Police Intelligence confirmed that the victims were innocent.

The victims' families received their bodies from the Coroner's office in 26/07/2011 which were exhibiting signs of extreme torture .
Even if we assume that the victims were guilty, human rights grant them the right of fair trial and fair treatment in detention and the right of having an attorney in the court of law .

Warning : Graphic video and pictures are attached
First victim : Mudhar Muhammed Ajram
Arrested from his house in Jamiaa neighborhood in Mosul in 15/07/2011.

Second victim : Rayan Muayad
Arrested from his house in Al-Baker neighborhood in Mosul in 16/07/2011.

Since the victims were tortured and killed by the government members , it is unlogical to think that they were dissected in the Coroner's office for medico-legal purposes. All Iraqis believe that the big incisions along the victims' bodies indicate a very high possibility that the victims' organs were stolen and sold in black market, since organ trading of detainees has become a flourishing business in Iraq after the American occupation of the country .

So could these pictures help you to understand the nature of crimes that the American backed Iraqi government is practicing against Iraqis ??

Is this the kind of "democracy" that the American government brags about setting in Iraq ?

Is this how Iraq should set an example in "democracy and human rights" for other countries as the American officials declare to the media?
Is this how America have "saved" us from a dictator criminal regime only to bring us a more brutal and criminal regime ?

Is this why the criminal PM Maliki stands in front of the American congress and get appreciated with applause ?
Is this how Iraq has become the "Number ONE country in the field of Human Rights " as stated by the UN envoy in Iraq ? Read here

Is this what the American people paying their taxes for ??

Are you still going to believe your government propaganda and lies , America ?

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