Saturday, September 3, 2011

And The American Occupation Crimes Continue to Unravel!

More than five years after the American military denied claims that its troops had executed at least 10 Iraqi civilians in cold blood, new evidence has emerged in a WikiLeaks diplomatic cable casting serious doubt on the U.S. version of events .

Iraqis with the bodies of children killed in the US raid on Ishaqi in  March 2006
WikiLeaks published secret U.S. diplomatic documents which revealed that the U.S. forces in Iraq had executed at least ten Iraqi civilians, including five children and an elderly woman in the town of Ishaqi, before ordering an air strike destroyed the house of Fayez Harat Al-Majama'ee (28 years), a farmer in the province of Salahuddin.
The Independent newspaper  reported, quoting the documents: that Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial extrajudicial or arbitrary executions, raised the issue in letters to U.S. officials, and challenged the narrative of the incident.
Alston said that the autopsy of the ten civilians, carried out in the nearby city of Tikrit, showed that the victims had been handcuffed and killed by gunshot wounds in the head, including a woman were in the age of seventy, and five-month-old child. He said the Iraqi television stations showed the bodies of five children and four women.
The newspaper pointed out that the U.S. military claimed that soldiers arrested a member of al Qaeda in the first floor of the house after fierce fighting led to the destruction of the house, admitted killing five people in it, before they recognized that the death toll was double that.

View the original document on WikiLeaks 
In case you cannot view it, here are copied images of the document which I made :

 This is another occupation crime of Collateral Murder against Iraqis !
A question directed to the American people:
Are you willing to carry this criminal legacy of your troops which will continue for years to come if America extended its occupation of Iraq ?

You must work to withdraw your troops out of Iraq, otherwise silence makes you accomplices and war criminals as much as your leaders are, and God knows we will never forget these crimes.
Soon we will legally hunt down whoever is responsible for all that has happened in Iraq since 2003 when it was brought under the American occupation .

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  1. The people of Iraq hold the American people responsible for all the crimes and mass killings that took place while Iraq was under US military occupation. The US government and its army in Iraq have given Iran and Iranian backed militias a free hand in Iraq so that as many Iraqis as possible are killed before the Us finds itself obligated to withdraw from Iraq.It has also encouraged government corruption and plundering of the country's resources. The aim of this policy is to leave Iraq weakened both economically and demographically as it is depleted of its resources and manpower.