Saturday, July 30, 2011

Annihilation of Iraqi People : The Hidden War

 American and Israeli biological laboratories in Iraq carrying out secret and mysterious experiments in the occupied country . A world class expert has strong objections on the consequences of such actions. For it's a new hidden war.  

                 Warning: Graphic Pictures Are Attached

28/07/2011, Al-Mustakbal Al-Iraqi

A confidential letter has been recently dictated by Dayan Schuman , the world class scientist and expert in the fields of biology and biochemistry in Geneve. This letter has revealed that a series of mysterious and very dangerous biological experiments are being carried out in laboratories and different sites in Iraq, these experiments are run and supervised by American and Israeli scientific organizations.
A well informed source  has leaked the details of Schuman's letter to Al-Mustakbal Al-Iraqi newspaper. Schuman emphasized in his letter that some materials and laboratory samples were sent to his laboratory in Geneva,  he conducted a series of tests that proved that these materials and samples were new harmful chemical and biological materials that were subjected to very dangerous scientific experiments.

According to the source (who asked to remain anonymous), Schuman demanded to know the sites where these experiments were conducted, and it was confirmed  that the parcels and folders that arrived at the laboratory in Geneva were sent from Iraq. Some were sent from one of the areas of western desert of Anbar, some were sent from one of the oases of Samawah and from Maysan in the south and a different quality of parcels were sent from an area called Kameet in southern Iraq .

The source explained that the letter shows very strong objection by the  American scientist, who works for a large international scientific organization  in Geneve, and the message carries the following number :

It seems that there are scientific experiments carried out under tight wraps since 2008 till this day, done in favor of  American and Israeli scientific research organizations that hide under many forms and covers in Iraq. Such experiment are highly polluting and the resultant hazardeous wastes are poisoning for the human beings, animals and the environment .

The letter also expressed very fierce objections on a very dangerous process that is carried out in these labs in Iraq , where bio-hybridization of bacterial and germ strains are performed which resulted in many types of bacteria or something like a hybrid that has the ability to resist all kinds of medicines and can gain access to various organs of the human body and break them out gradually.

All of the above happens with complete silence of the corrupt Iraqi government, which is either deliberate or due to lack of supervision because they're busy racking off the BILLIONS of DOLLARS ! Well, I believe that they just don't give a damn !

Questions that need to be answered :
- What is the exact nature of these experiments ?
- Why and how are they run in Iraq ?
- Are Iraqis now the new Guinea pigs for the development of new Weapons of Biological and Chemical Warfare ? 
- Is it for the annihilation of the rest of Iraqi people that are still standing ?
- Are these experiments to produce weapons worse than the Chemical and Biological Weapons that were used in Fallujah and other areas in Iraq ?
- Are these experiments carried out to have a greater killing potency or greater side effects than this

Or this?

      Or this ?
  And  this ?

Welcome To The New "Liberated" Iraq


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  2. this is the jobs of Americans Army in Iraq , they call this the FREEDUM and LIBERTY of Iraq
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