Monday, July 18, 2011

The Collateral Murder Series: The Video Analysis

Here is the Collateral Murder video analysis by TYT (The Young Turks) Network. I chose this analysis because it was conducted by a liberal - progressive online news network, which I think has gained credibility from around the world through its 15 million views a month . Source  TYT Wikipedia .

Yet most importantly, it seemed to me that their analysis was objective and neutral and they tried to be fair on both sides .
All I can say is that this video represents many incidents that are happening everyday in Iraq ..

After all you are the judge , so what do you think ?? Can you justify the killing that happened in this video and still happening on a daily basis in Iraq ?



  1. It's just horrible and beyond imagination of how brutal and cold blooded are these animals!
    Great analysis though....

  2. I can't forgive denying the request to transfer the children to Rustamiyah, the children who were shot by the American pilot in the first place! Instead,they had to wait for the IP to transfer them to a local hospital ! This is inhuman !

  3. Total evasion! they could have thought that transferring them is a bold confession of the whole crime! How ironic that they've been discovered despite all the black out!
    This is one of hundreds discovered, and thousands undiscovered!!!

  4. Did you ask what I think?

    I think this is the most pathetic analysis of the military video Julian Assange calls Collateral Murder I’ve ever seen. Cenk Uygur is undoubtedly trying to present an honest, truthful report but fails miserably. Like most of the international community, he is simply not a “detailed oriented” individual.

    I don’t expect the average person to be able to see the so-called rescue van - a 1994 two-toned Hyundai Grace Grand Salon H100 minibus - at time :28 stopped in the other courtyard north of the mosque. Nor do I expect them to see the two men standing by the vehicle talking to the driver (Saeed Chmagh). The two men who can be seen walking to a parked bus at time 1:20-1:24.

    I do, however, expect the viewer to recognize the fact that this minibus can be seen clearly at time :38 to :54. And that, it is first seen traveling south on the same road - one by the Mosque dome - where the Reuters employees are seen walking north. The same road where, at time 7:32, the van is seen arriving traveling north.

    I may not know with certainty what part the minibus has in the scheme of things but I do know it did not just happen upon the scene and begin a rescue attempt. That’s a bold face lie perpetrated by Julian Assange for the purpose of promoting his anti-war propaganda while gaining hundreds of thousands of dollars for himself.

    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
    Jesus Christ

    Bill Cromer

  5. Bill Cromer
    This is your opinion and I guess we have
    discussed the whole issue on a different post.

    The analysis seems neutral,but only for neutral people. Cenk Uygur gave the troops all the "benefit of the doubt" he could possibly give! The main point he was trying to make is to think twice before going to war, specially a war that is based on lies !
    This is your opinion while millions of monthly viewers prefer the TYT channel to the American smoked media which has played and playing the greatest role in the Iraq war propaganda.

    I see your "detail oriented" analysis as another failing attempt to justify the unjustifiable. The American presence in Iraq is a crime in the first place, an unjustified crime based on false allegations and lies. I believe that by monitoring your comments one can realize that you are just another horn that honks for the American government. Just another form and shape of the failing American government propaganda.

    You're trying to confuse, manipulate and brainwash the viewers with mere nonsensical rant. A horn that tries to deafen truth seekers, which you cannot do, because people have eyes and minds too..

    One thing I agree with you upon, is the saying of our beloved Jesus Christ, although we are occupied, yet we have free souls, because we are true to our just cause and this is what will free us from the shackles of the occupation.