Thursday, July 14, 2011

To Enjoy "Democracy"

Is this one of the rituals of "Democracy" that we need to practice?
In Iraq you have :
- The freedom to be racist.
- The freedom to humiliate peoples' ethinicities and religious views.
- The freedom to verbally and physically abuse your opposition.
- The freedom to loot and kill.

Otherwise you are labeled as a Terrorist ..


  1. وطالما رقصت على جثث الاسود كلاب
    هذه عقدة الذي لا يمتلك تاريخ ولا حضارة
    يحاول طمس هوية الاخرين ليصبحوا مثله لكن أنى له هذا مع حضارة وادي الرافدين اقدم حضارة عند البشرية

  2. They humiliate others because there is something missing in them. They have nothing so they try to make the whole world shallow and superficial like them. But believe me.. their life on earth is hell and in the end will be hell too.

  3. Well said my friends..I hope the whole world knows about the violations of the US army against our land, our people, our culture .. It's about time that the humanity stands against colonialism and occupation.. Because such situations are always aberrant and can never be percieved as normal no matter how war sponsors try to brain wash people ..