Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Revolution Inspires Art

The Iraqi protesters inspire the Iraqi drama . 

Here are some of the stills of the Al Sharqiya TV Channel's Dramatic Serial about the Youth Uprising in Iraq. The drama deals with the effects of the Facebook and its influence over the large numbers who joined the Iraqi Revolution and demonstrated.
It is being shot in the Egyptian Arab Republic and for greater effect a copy of the Freedon memorial was built. The real Freedom memorial stands in Tahrir Square in Baghdad where Iraqis gather and protest.  

The Serial will be aired this coming Ramadhan.  Source

Its stars are Hind Kamel, Mihsin Al Ali, Ali Abdul Hameed, Khaleel Fadhil Khaleel, Riyam Al Jazairee, Munadhil Dawood, Saif Al Ghanimee, Ali Raisan,Sinan Al Azzawi, Alla'a Hussain, Haidar Abd Thamir, Murtadha Habeeb, Sallah Mensee, Nadia Al Iraqiya, Anwar Al Shimmeree, Rua'a Al Samaraee, Safa'a Eedie, Fakhri Al Aqidi, Mehdi Al Hussaini, Sallam Zehra, Thulfiqar Khedr and Adil Abbass.
It is produced by Hikmet for Artistic Productions
Written by Abdul Khaliq Kareem
Directed by Bassim Qahhar

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