Saturday, July 30, 2011

US Violations Update in Iraq : Maysan


28-07-2011 Al-Mustakbal Al-Iraqi

The Chief of the Committe of Security and Defense of Maysan Province Council, Sirhan Al-Moussawi declared that  U.S. aircrafts attacked with live ammunition  a vehicle parked in the east of the city Amara, in Maysan Province. 

Al-Moussawi said that U.S. aircrafts bombed a car type Pick Up parked in one of the main streets of Musharrah in the city of Amara , which has caused the destruction of the entire vehicle without human casualties .

Al-Moussawi did not give further details, saying only that his committee has started an investigation of the incident.

Can we be certain that there weren't any "human casualties" ?

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