Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Crime , A New Violation

The Great Iraqi Revolution facebook pages ( English , Arabic ) have received a video from  (the 25th February Revolution Coalition) of a crime committed by the occupation forces  nearly 2 weeks ago in the in the city of Jelawla'a - Diyala governorate.

Diyala Governorate east of Baghdad

The crime happened at noontime on a very hot July day, when fate played its role and a coalition patrol drove past civilian cars with great speed and caused a tragedy.
A civilian car came down the next street with the occupation vehicle literally driving over it, crushing it and instantaneously killing the passenger next to the driver.

The driver was able to throw himself out of the car just before impact, but the occupation forces did not leave him be, they ran him over after reversing their vehicle. 

As you will see in the video , the driver was still alive - they - the Americans left him there, stuck under their vehicle, and would not allow him to be moved for a long time (as was reported by the eyewitness) until they got all their things and people cleared away!
Other nearby car was also damaged and female passengers in this car were injured .

American soldiers on the left of the picture , the victim is still stuck under the vehicle and injured  sec 21

  All of this happened in full sight of the Iraqi government forces who were watching and were appealed to by the driver. They did not help the victim, they were just watching him and walking by him instead .

The Iraqi Forces watching the incident sec 03, the American soldier standing near the vehicle ,
the victim is stuck under it

The Iraqi forces member sec 05 

Iraqi forces member, the victim under the vehicle sec 46

The video was recorded by one of the Iraqi forces members, who obviously was too afraid to be seen recording the incident by the American troops, he was trying to hide the mobile camera. Thus, the video is not very clear. That's why I extracted some still pictures from the video in an attemp to make the incident clearer. Watch The Video

I found only one piece of news of a similar incident that happened at a prior date,  by the end of June 2011. An American patrol vehicle was speeding in Jalawla'a and drove over a civilian car. A source in the police of Diyala governorate (Who asked to stay anonymous) declared to the news agency that the incident was reported and the victim was transferred to a nearby hospital . Source

There's no way that we can check if its the same incident, but in the news report nothing was mentioned about the victim in the passenger's seat who instantly died, nor about the other damaged vehicle and its injured female passengers . In addition to the fact that two Iraqi citizens witnessed that the driver had died eventually .
One citizen is from Jalawla'a who said that he's a relative of the driver . He stated to the Great Iraqi Revolution (GIR) fb page admins that the injured driver eventually died due to his wounds, neglect and denial of  necessary treatment. The story told by the eyewitness confirmed this information.

The victim is looking at the Iraqi forces with a cry for help

Whether its the same incident or not, the American troops are guilty of using speed in city streets . They are driving heavy use vehicles, not ordinary passenger cars , this is a violation of our safety and  intentionally putting Iraqi citizens in danger. 

This new leaked crime is dedicated to War supporters who want the occupation forces to remain in Iraq and who work day and night for an extension.
This story represents many similar crimes and violations commited by the American troops against the Iraqi people that happen on a daily basis in Iraq.

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