Thursday, June 16, 2011

Human Rights Scandal in Iraq

We congratulate patriotic Iraqis on the release of the four courageous young activists : Ali Al-Jaf, Muayad Al-Tayeb, Jihad Jaleel and Ahmed Al-Baghdadi ; the release was last week in June 7th, 2011. Thus, the release of the brave young men was not by the good intentions of the corrupt Iraqi government , it was because of the big scandal created by the Iraqi human rights activist " Hanaa Edwar" in the Human Rights Ministry conference in Baghdad . As she was provoked by the statements of the Special UN Envoy  in Iraq, Ed Melkert, who stated that Iraq has become the number ONE country in the region in the field of Human Rights, and that the Iraqi government has operated  with 133 human rights recommendations !!!

Ms.Edwar interrupted the conference displaying the pictures of the four young activists who have been arrested recently , and screaming "Where was human rights when you arrested peaceful demonstrators " ?
Ms. Edwar rejected the accusation of PM Maliki during the conference;  he accused the human rights organizations of harboring terrorists and the protestors of  being terroists and promote terrorism . She demanded " where is our right to of peaceful demonstration which is granted by the constitution "?
Ms. Edwar stressed that “She had asked the Prime Minister to apologize for his accusations” .
According to sources from within the conference Ms. Edwar was thrown out of the conference because she " attacked "  the Prime Minister !
After the Melkert scandal became public, the UN disavowed his statements and said there was a translation error comitted by the interpreter ! Then the " International Organization"  distributed a new version of the speech after omitting the controversial words of the corrupt Melkert .
Check out the two videos that were recorded in the conference from two different angles  : 

Though the four activits were released we're still claiming the tenths of thousands of innocent detainees in the secret prisons of the American backed corrupt Iraqi government .

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