Friday, April 15, 2011

Protests Rock Iraq. Why The Intentional Silence of the International Media?

February 25th , 2011 was the day when the Iraqi people decided to stand together against the American occupation and the corrupt government supported by the US . The protests have been ongoing since the 25th of February; the sit ins have started a week ago in Mosul and are spreading to the other Iraqi cities like a forest fire . On the other hand , there is a strange media black out of these protests which is quite intentional as it conflicts with the American occupation policy in Iraq, and the farce i.e the much publicised American backed "Iraqi Democracy" .

The Iraqi people rely on conscientious human rights advocates and peace loving individuals to spread the word and the videos about this people's uprising for freedom, liberty, dignity and real democracy . Your action today may save hundreds of innocent lives tomorrow. Be a part of our revolution ; your contribution is important to us.  There are people dying of hunger in one of the richest countries in the world because of injustice, and there are hundreds of thousands of innocent detainees in unimaginable conditions . We will publish more information and videos soon .

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