Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Does It Mean When an Iraqi Throws His Shoes at Someone?

We were planning to publish this post after the About Iraq Series ;however, the critical times and the public interaction that Iraq is going through these days have made it necessary to publish this post now.
Iraq is witnessing protests all over the country; these protests express the population's refusal of the proposed extension of American occupation and presence in Iraq .
Back to the intreguing act of throwing shoes at someone; we all remember when the Iraqi journalist Muntathar Al-Zaidi threw his shoes at the previous president of US, George Bush . Muntathar expressed the common sentiment of patriotic Iraqis .

And a few days back, on April 11th , 2011,  Iraqi protestors re-expressed what they feel about the American occupation by throwing shoes at the American helicopters which flew over the protestors heads to terrorise and intimidate them . Watch the video its very interesting.

This video answers The Question . In our culture , throwing shoes at someone or something is The Ultimate Insult and Sign of Rejection and Resentment . Moreover, Iraqi protestors added a new meaning to this act , i.e  Iraqi people have no fears anymore; we have liberated ourselves from fear and we will liberate our country from occupation . Long Live Free Iraq and Long Live Brave Iraqi Protestors .

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